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Recipes and Ideas for Sherry

Three recipes and sherrys to match for January 2016, a starter, main course and desert.


Many thanks to Keith Floyd and Rick Stein for the inspiration, with Gails take on their recipes

Mushrooms with dry sherry

Saute mushrooms in olive oil, then add half an onion, two finley chopped garlic cloves until browned, seasoning to taste, add a glass of dry sherry and simmer for 10 minutes, ganish with chopped egg and parsley.


Serve with chilled dry sherry.

Slow cooked lamb with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and thyme, accompanied with medium dry sherry

Seasoned shoulder of lamb at room temperature, browned in a large casserole. Remove from pan and keep warm


Fry in the casserole garlic, onion for 10 mins

Add thyme, rosemary, bay leaves and sun dried tomatoes and fry for 2 mins

Return the lamb and pour over a litre of water and 250ml of red wine.


Simmer for 2 hours until lamb is tender


Remove lamb and strain cooking juices into bowl, skim off the fat layer


Reduce liquid to approx 600ml by boiling rapidly


Remove stalks and bay leaves from the residue in the sieve, place redidue in liquidiser. Add red pepper, blanched almonds , smoked paprika and 300ml of reduced cooking liquid and blend to a smooth paste.


Put the lamb and paste back into the casserole , add boiled potatoes and strips of red/green peppers, 2 tbl spoons red wine vinegar to taste, simmer for 15 mins.


Serve with crusty bread and chilled medium dry sherry





Vanilla raisin ice cream, served with rich sweet sherry

Soak raisns in sweet sherry for 2 hours.


Blend into vanilla ice cream, re freeze for to allow to set


Serve with chilled rich sweet sherry

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