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Our Inspiration

We have noticed quite recently that fortified wines are not understood and appreciated as much as they should be. This was confirmed on a recent visit to a high end hotel for lunch.  When asking the bar staff  for  a Tio Pepe a blank expression greeted our request. We responded , a dry sherry ??. None was to be found. 


On another occasion when asking for a cream sherry with ice and lemon, the bar staff again looked a little puzzled. He then retorted, and would you like a straw with it. We were not sure if this was said in jest. 


So we note that an extreme lack of understanding of fortified wines is common place in our society. Therefore we  have set up this website to try and promote fortified wines with recepies and serving suggestions.


Please remember  always serve CHILLED, yes CHILLED,  straight from the fridge for the real experience.


We hope you enjoy the journey.


Tim & Gail

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